Department of English, University of Rajshahi


Education Summary  
BA Hons & MA (Raj), PhD (Raj), SUSI Scholar on Contemporary American Literature, University of Montana, USA

Research Interest  
New Literatures in English, Theory, Cultural Studies, Contemporary American Literatrure
Level Institution Year
Rajshahi University 2015
Rajshahi University 1996
(BA (Hons))
Rajshahi University 1995

Experience in Rajshahi University

Duration Organization/Institute Position
2021-10-20 to English Professor
2016-04-21 to 2021-10-19 English Associate Professor
2006-12-06 to 2016-04-20 English ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
2003-12-06 to 2006-12-05 English LECTURER

Experience in other Organization/Institute

Not Available

Book Chapter

1. Md. Mominul Islam ""Where do we belong?": Locating a Space between Anti-colonial Nationalism and Postcolonial Subalternisation in Amitav Ghosh" Texts, Translations, Cultures :South Asian Contexts. Ed. Maswood Akhter (Forthcoming)

Published: April 2022
2. Md. Mominul Islam "Transcendence in Bondage: Dynamics of Master-Slave Relation in Amitav Ghosh's In an Antique Land and Orhan Pamuk's The White Castle" Musings Post Colonies, edited by Maswood Akhter, Chinno, Rajshahi, pp.83-106

Published: December 2012


1. Md. Mominul Islam "Tracing East-West Geocultural Axis through the Micro-narratives of Amitav Ghosh" Praxis: Journal of the Department of English, Rajshahi University

Published: March 2020
2. Md. Mominul Islam "Fictionalising History as an Emancipatory Project : A Glimpse at Orhan Pamuk's Preface to The White Castle" A Research Journal, Special Vol-1 Literature, History and Culture (select papers presented at the 1st international Conference), Faculty of Arts, University of Rajshahi,pp. 225-230.

Published: December 2019
3. Md. Mominul Islam ""That Map of Longing with no Limit" : Engaging with Amitav Ghosh's Reflections on Cartographic Aggression" Asiatic Society Journal Bangladesh, Vol-63, No.2, pp.247-259

Published: December 2018
4. Md. Mominul Islam "Portrayal of Istanbul in Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul: Memories and the City" Rajshahi University Journal of Arts and Law, Vol-46, pp.1-9

Published: July 2018
5. Md. Mominul Islam "Museum as Non-linear History of Aborted Turkish Dream: A Study of Orhan Pamuk's The Museum of Innocence" A Research Journal, Faculty of Arts, university of Rajshahi, Vol-25, pp. 21-29

Published: June 2018
6. Md. Mominul islam "Orhan Pamuk's Snow: East-West Interface and Occidentalism" Praxis: Journal of the Department of English University of Rajshahi, Vol-5, pp.80-102

Published: November 2013
7. Md. Mominul Islam "The Project of Syncretism in Amitav Ghosh: Utopian or Pragmatic?" A Research Journal, Faculty of Arts, university of Rajshahi, Vol-19, pp.31-51

Published: November 2013
8. Md. Mominul Islam "Keats's Letters: Reflections on his Poetics" A Research Journal, Faculty of Arts, University of Rajshahi, Vol-17, pp.23-32

Published: November 2011
9. Md. Mominul Islam "Keats's Fear of and Wish for Death: A Study of Selected Sonnets and Lesser Pieces" A Research Journal, Faculty of Arts, University of Rajshahi, Vol-11, pp.313-320

Published: December 2005

Introduction to Poetry, Romantic Poetry, Victorian Poetry and Prose, South Asian Literature in English, Shakespeare Studies

Courses for BA (Hons) and MA classes


SUSI Scholar (2023) on Contemporary American Literature at University of Montana, USA

Not Available