Information & Communication Engineering

Education Summary  
D.Engg.(Japan), Ph.D.(BD), M.Phil.(Raj), M.Sc.(Raj). B.Sc.(Honours)(Raj)

Research Interest  
Speech analysis and digital signal processing, Speech analysis and digital signal processing
Level Institution Year
Saitama University, Japan 2012
Islamic University, Bangladesh 2009
University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. 2001
University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. 1993
University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. 1992

Experience in Rajshahi University

Duration Organization/Institute Position
2018-04-30 to Information & Communication Engineering PROFESSOR
2013-02-20 to 2018-04-29 Information & Communication Engineering Associate Professor
2006-07-03 to 2013-02-19 Information & Communication Engineering Assistant Professor

Experience in other Organization/Institute

Not Available

Book Chapter

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Published: November 2009


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Published: May 2012
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