301(A), , ,Dr.Kudrat a Khuda Bhaban, Department of Psychology, University of Rajshahi

Dr. Md. Enamul Haque

Education Summary  
M.Sc. Raj, PhD Raj. Bangladesh

Research Interest  
Social Psychology and Personality
Level Institution Year
Rajshahi University 2003
(M. Sc)
Rajshahi University 1989
(B. Sc Honours)
Rajshahi University 1988
Higher Secondary
(H. S. C)
Adina Fazlul Haque College 1984
(S.S. C.)
Humayun Reza high school 1981

Experience in Rajshahi University

Duration Organization/Institute Position
2019-07-01 to Department of Psychology , University of Rajshahi Professor (Grade 1)
2008-02-19 to 2019-06-30 Department of psychology, University of Rajshahi Professor
2003-11-18 to 2008-02-18 Department of Psychology, University of Rajshahi Associate Professor
1998-10-07 to 2003-11-17 Department of Psychology, University of Rajshahi Assistant Professor
1995-10-07 to 1998-10-06 Department of Psychology, University of Rajshahi Lecturer

Experience in other Organization/Institute

Duration Organization/Institute Position
2018-02-26 to 2021-02-25 Department of Psychology Chairman
2014-04-23 to 2017-04-22 University of Rajshahi Elected Senate member
2006-03-25 to 2009-02-28 University of Rajshahi Proctor
2001-11-19 to 2005-05-01 University of Rajshahi Assistant Proctor
1995-11-01 to 1998-10-31 University of Rajshahi Assistant Proctor

Phisiology 1(Under graduate)

Cell Biology,Nervous system,Spinal cord and brain,visual Sense Organs,Auditory sense Organs, Cutaneous Sensation, The Chemical Senses, Genetics and Behevior and Introduction to Genetics,


Psychology of Crime (Under graduate)

Cmiminology,Nature of Crime, Explanation of Criminal Behevior, The Juvenile Delinquent, The violent offenders, Sex offenders, Crimes against property,organizational crimes,Public order crimes , detection and Punishment, correcational services

perception (Under graduate)

Nature of Perception,the classical theories,Gestalt Theory, Adaptation level theory, The associative approach, Directive state Theory, Set Approach, probabilistic Fucntionalism.

Cognitive Psychology (Under graduate)

Pattern recognition, Attention, memory, level of recognition, levels of Processing, Visual Images, Categorization, Semantic organization, Complex cognitive skills,


Cognitive Neuropsychology (Post graduate)

Meaning of Neuropsychology, methods of Investagation, Visual Perception, Physiological contribution to learning theory, Physiological basis of Motivation,Lateralization of cerebral functions, Neuropsychology and intelligence, Deficits and assessment.

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