Professor, Department of Law, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh


Education Summary  
LLB Honours (First Class), LLM (First Class) [IU]; LLM [Nottingham]; PhD [Raj]

Research Interest  
International Law of Human Rights, Company and Commercial Law, Islamic Law and Muslim Law
Level Institution Year
(Doctor of Philosophy (PhD))
Rajshahi University 2006
(Master of Laws (LLM in Human Rights))
University of Nottingham 2000
(Master of Laws (LLM))
Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh 1993
(Bachelor of Laws (LLB Honours))
Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh 1992

Experience in Rajshahi University

Duration Organization/Institute Position
2013-02-20 to Department of Law PROFESSOR
2006-06-08 to 2013-02-19 Department of Law ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
1999-12-07 to 2006-06-07 Department of Law Assistant Professor
1996-12-07 to 1999-12-06 Department of Law LECTURER

Experience in other Organization/Institute

Duration Organization/Institute Position
1995-10-12 to 1996-12-06 Bangladesh Bar Council Advocate


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Book Chapter

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Corporate and Banking Law

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Human Rights Law

This course examines the customary international law on human rights, the work of the United Nations Human Rights Council and the law and practice of the main international human rights treaties.


Dr. Mohamamd Abdul Hannan has been teaching at the Department of Law, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh as Professor in the field of Human Rights Law since 2013.  He Completed LLM in Human Rights law with the DFID-Commonwealth Shared Scholarship from the University of Nottingham, UK in 2000.  Dr. Hannan Obtained PhD in Human Rights of the Accused from the University of Rajshahi in 2006 with Intellectual Advancement Award (IAA).  He has published three books and some forty research articles in different recognized academic journals at home and abroad.  He has been associated with a good number of research projects nationally and internationally.  Recently began a research work as leader of a team of six researchers under the Ministry of Law, Government of Bangladesh.  He is a life member of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. He has been participated in a good number of seminars in Bangladesh, India, UK, France and Germany.