Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi-6205.

Tourism & Hospitality Management

Education Summary  
Fellow (Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Program, KU, Thailand), FDP (IIMA, India), BBA & MBA (RU).

Research Interest  
Nature Based Tourism (NBT), Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Marketing, Destination Management, Destination Branding, ICT in Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Level Institution Year
(Faculty Development Program on Pedagogy and Research Methods)
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), India 2022
(Master of Business Administration-MBA in Marketing)
Rajshahi University 2016
(Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA in Marketing)
Rajshahi University 2015
Higher Secondary
(Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination)
Shaheed Muktijoddhya College, Tala, Satkhira. 2010
(Secondary School Certificate Examination)
Mirzapur Secondary School, Patkelghata, Satkhira. 2008

Experience in Rajshahi University

Duration Organization/Institute Position
2020-10-14 to Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Rajshahi. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
2018-10-07 to 2020-10-13 Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Rajshahi. LECTURER

Experience in other Organization/Institute

Duration Organization/Institute Position
2022-01-27 to 2022-06-30 Madar Bux Hall, University of Rajshah House Tutor
2016-10-14 to 2018-10-05 Department of Business Studies, North Bengal International University, Rajshahi. Lecturer
2014-03-01 to 2016-08-31 Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), University of Rajshahi, Workshop Coordinator (Part Time)

Book Chapter

1. Avi, M., Rahman, A., & Sardar, S. (2021). "Application of Innovative Technologies in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry of Bangladesh: Challenges and Suggestions" Technology Application in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry of Bangladesh (pp.369-379), Edition: First, Chapter: 22, Publisher: Springer, Singapore.

Published: October 2021


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Seminar / Symposium / workshop attended

1. Sazu Sardar "Regional Workshop on the Development of the Agro Eco Edutourism Model in supporting Biodiversity Conservation Education for Southeast Asia" South Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology, SEAMEO, BIOTROP, Bogor, Indonesia

Published: July 2022
2. Sazu Sardar "Training on Strengthening Institutional Capacities in the Field of Halal Tourism Industry to Improve the Competitiveness of Tourism Destinations" SESRIC, Ankara, Turkey and Islamic Tourism Center (ITC), Malaysia.

Published: July 2022
3. Sazu Sardar "Training on Research Methodology for Teachers" Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), University of Rajshahi.

Published: March 2022
4. Sazu Sardar "Workshop on Demand Analysis of e-Learning & enhancement of Muktopaath and Virtual Class Platform" a2i, Cabinet Division, ICT Division of People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Published: July 2021
5. Sazu Sardar "Workshop on Capacity Building of Higher Education Teachers of Bangladesh on using and Creating the Open Education Resources" University Grants Commission (UGC), Bangladesh & Commonwealth Educational Media Center for Asia (CEMCA), New Delhi, India

Published: July 2021
6. Sazu Sardar "Training Course on Development of E-learning Curriculum and Relevant E-materials" SESRIC, Ankara, Turkey and Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Published: April 2021
7. Sazu Sardar "Training of Trainers (ToT) Course on Tourism and Hospitality Services" Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC), Ankara, Turkey and General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education at the Ministry of National Education of Turkey.

Published: March 2021
8. Sazu Sardar "Training Workshop on Tourism Destination Marketing Strategies for OIC Member Countries" Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC), Ankara, Turkey and Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT), Morocco.

Published: March 2021
9. Sazu Sardar "Workshop on Lesson Plan Development and Assessment" Organised by Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), University of Rajshahi.

Published: February 2020
10. Sazu Sardar "Workshop on Project Management" Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Published: September 2019

THM 113- Bangladesh Studies

This course has been designed for under graduate students to help them to learn the rich history of Bangladesh. It will also enhance their understanding of current phenomena in the light of history which will make them to be responsible global citizen.

THM 121- First Aid, Safety and Security

Safety and security is one of the most important aspects in tourism and hospitality industry. This course will help the students to develop adequate knowledge about first aid, safety and security process in hospitality and tourism industry.

THM 6024- Tourism Destination Management

This course equips students with skills to handle tourists, host communities; private sector and public sector at various destinations to achieve destination sustainability and enhance tourist satisfaction.

THM 222- Technology in Tourism and Hospitality

This course is designed to introduce students with the technology used in the hospitality and tourism industry and instruct them to use Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to improve their Firm’s position.

THM 214- Computer in Business

This course introduces for the students to achieve an understanding of what a computer can do, how it works, and how it can be used in real-life situations for effective decision-making and improved performance.

THM 311-Front Office Operations & Reservation

The front office is the mirror of any hotel. This course is designed for the THM students so that they may practically learn about the systematic and tactful methods of front office procedures and guest relations.

THM 212- Principles of Marketing

This subject aims to assist the student in becoming an informed consumer and a better business manager. The subject introduces the basic principles and concepts of Marketing and provides an analytical foundation for further study in this area.

THM 321-Housekeeping Management

The course Housekeeping Management presents a systematic approach to managing housekeeping operations and provides a thorough overview, from the big picture of maintaining a quality staff, planning, and organizing, to the technical details of the hospital

              • Former President (2013-14 & 2021-22) and Life Member at Samokal  Nattochakra (Theater Organization), University of Rajshahi.
              • National Mentor for 4IR-based Future Skills and Project Implementation, a2i of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.
              • Reviewer, International Journal of Tourism Policy (Scopus Index Q4), United Kingdom (UK).
              • Reviewer, International Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Reviews [eISSN 2395-7654], UP, India.
              • Advisor and Blood Donor, BADHAN (A voluntary blood donating organization), University of Rajshahi.
              • Advisor, Rajshahi University Tourist Club.
              • Moderator, Rajshahi University Research Association.
              • Former Executive Member (2020-22) and Life Member of Rajshahi University Marketing Alumni Association (RUMAA).
              • Former Member (Board of Directors) at Teachers Students Cultural Center, University of Rajshahi.
              • Social Worker and Volunteer.
              • Bangladesh Studies-THM 113
                • Course Outline_Bangladesh Studies_THM 113
              • THM 6014 & THM 5014- First Aid, Safety and Security
                • Course Outline_THM-5014 & 6014-First Aid, Safety and Security
              • THM 6024- Tourism Destination Management
                • Course Outline_THM 6024-Tourism Destination Management
              • THM 121- First Aid, Safety and Security
                • Course Outline_THM-121-First Aid, Safety and Security
              • THM 222- Technology in Tourism and Hospitality
                • Course Contents, Rationality, Objectives and ILO_THM 222
              • THM 214- Computer in Business
                • Course Contents, Rationality and Objectives_THM 214
              • THM 311-Front Office Operations & Reservation
                • Course Outline_THM-311-Front Office Operations and Reservation
              • THM 212- Principles of Marketing
                • Course Outline-THM 212- Principles of Marketing